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6 Ways ATMs Benefit Your Outdoor Event

If you are planning a large outdoor event such as a concert, a trade show, a county fair, or a similar type of event, you may want to consider renting an ATM. This offers advantages to both you and your attendees. Here's a look at why you may want to consider renting one:

1. Attendees May Spend More

If you have an ATM on site, you don't have to worry about attendees running out of money and stopping spending. Instead, they can go to the ATM, easily access cash, and spend it at your event.

2. An ATM Keeps Guests on Site

Without an ATM nearby, guests may leave if they need more cash. Unfortunately, even guests who leave with the intention of coming back, may not return. If you have an ATM on site, you eliminate this risk.

When guests have everything they need (from cash, to shade, to food), they are more likely to stick around, which ultimately means more money in your coffers.

3. You Don't Have to Set Up Card Readers

In many cases, outdoor events are one-off events. You have to worry about renting porta potties, finding food vendors, and juggling countless other details. You don't necessary want to worry about setting up credit card readers.

Luckily, if you have an ATM on site, your vendors don't have to take cards. Typically, when you don't accept cards, you risk the customer walking away, but at an outdoor event, where your sales reps can easily point to the cash machine, you can rest assured that attendees will just grab the cash they need and continue the purchase.

4. You Don't Have to Worry About Card Fees

In addition, most credit card processors charge a fee that is typically a percentage of each transaction. If you have an ATM on site and you only accept cash, you can avoid credit card processing fees. That can help make your event more profitable.

5. There Is No Long-Term Contract

When you rent an ATM machine for a single event, you just get it for that time period. You don't have to worry about signing a long term contract or making a minimum number of sales. In contrast, if you set up credit card processor, you may have to sign a contract.

6. ATMs Make the Event More Pleasurable for Attendees

Finally, whether you accept credit cards or cash or both, ATMs ultimately make the event more comfortable for your attendees. When you offer services, attendees notice. Typically, that translates to positive reviews and repeat attendees for next year. Companies like Maritech ATM Solutions make renting an ATM easy!